Not just a showcase, a personal account in which each theatre professional has the opportunity to broadcast his or her work to an international audience, but also a valid training resource for educators and students, giving added value to the many theatre and set design courses held in design schools and universities. A new publication, a massive series of books in print and digital versions, created to present a single topic or production. A unique edition that offers extensive documentation written and illustrated by the designer or director himself. The “Notebooks” are a companion publication to The Scenographer series of monograph books that cover the entire artistic career of a theatre director, set designer or costume designer. 


In 2002, The Scenographer began a collaboration and dialogue with the ADG Art Directors Guild of Los Angeles – the American Association of Scenographers – and ASC – Italian Association of Scenographers and Costume Designers. During this period, we published dozens of articles outlining the skills of production designers in the United States and Italy, essentially covering American and Italian film production design from 2003-2015. We compiled all this fascinating material into a comprehensive historical collection, starting with an interview with legendary production designer Ken Adam. This was Pilot Issue No. O, which marked the beginning of an exciting adventure.