Lighting engineering is a complex discipline, which requires artistry and flair, but above all a solid technical background and specific skills, as well as a sustained effort to keep up to speed and to research, and this is how Marco underpins every lighting project by always seeking new languages and often with his personal interpretation, not as an art critic, but as someone who practises this profession with finesse, using the elements of light in the image and even at times, metaphorically, putting himself under the spotlight. For Marco, light, in addition to being a form of energy and matter, has cultural value with many potential applications. It is communication, in some way language, and as such becomes a revelation of being. His light constructs and mediates the relationship between space and the psychic dimension of the user subject, makes movement perceptible, orders and defines all real phenomena with the ability to transmit the values of emotion and expression.


Interview by Marcello Filibeck. Contributors by Paolo Fantin (Scenic designer); Alex Ollè (Director);
Pier Luigi Pizzi (Director);  Marco Gandini (Director); Italo Grassi (Scenic designer);
Dante Ferretti (Scenic designer); Roberta Guidi Di Bagno (Scenic and costume designer).