Pepe Corzo likes to invent universes, to escape from reality in order to create new worlds in which characters naturally pass through, with stories that could certainly be more soberly narrated, in a manner rather more buttoned-down. Yet Corzo is neither moderate nor conservative, but quite the opposite and even something more. He is restless in the creative process, a constant innovator, a bold inventor of parallel universes. Being creative and audacious is not enough to forge an international career. It necessitates work, a lot of work, and Pepe Corzo is also an indefatigable toiler. His profession defines his raison d’être, his life is dedicated to the creation of these worlds that aspire to being perfectly credible.

IN THIS ISSUE: Text by Juan Carlos Adrianzen. Contributors by Guillermo Amaya, Luis Cansino, Carlo Corzo Castañeda,
Maria Luisa De Freitas, Ignacio Garcia, Ruth Gonzales,  Walter Neiva,  Mario Pontiggia, Juan Sanz, Elisa Vélez, Enrique Viana.