LESLIE TRAVERS, recognised worldwide as a leading award-winning international Set and Costume Designer, trained at Wimbledon School of Art and creator of some of the most memorable distinctive stage designs in opera, musicals, drama and dance in our generation. Renowned for his pure poetic landscapes, sculptural grandeur, characteristic colour palettes to opulent costumes, there are significant ingenious devices, seamless scene changes, a very selective process of materials where everything has a purpose or story using scenography as a catalyst to create extraordinary theatrical spatial experiences. For every performer, every member of the production and every spectator, who has the opportunity to experience Leslie Travers’ designs live and first-hand, recognises that there are further wonders to his design than meets the eye. (https://leslietravers.co.uk/)

IN THIS ISSUE:  Interview by Dana Pinto. Contributors by  Giselle Allen, Jo Davies, Tracy Dunk, Emanuela Finardi, Wasfi Kani,
Thomas C. Hase, Tim Lutkin,  David Pountney, Rolf Wallin, Laura Wilde.