Why participate?

We have been involved in set design for more than 20 years, working with productions, agencies, directors, set and costume designers and lighting artists, worldwide. Working with us means becoming part of a publishing reality that dialogues with those who produce and make theatre in an international context.
Our books are monographic and cover the designer’ entire artistic careers. Our digital library offers professionals, teachers and students a unique and original tool for study and work, presented by the designers themselves, their collaborators and illustrated with thousands of images, distributed and deepened through diversified products: books, documentation, lectures, workshops and performances. To be a part of it is to embrace scenography at 360°, with a quick and engaging cognitive enrichment. Spreading theatrical culture is our goal as publishers, passing it on to anyone who wants to participate is our task.

New professions for recent graduates and newcomers

Dealing with articles, interviews and insights in the field of stage design is our speciality. But these are not the only goals: producing a book or organizing a conference or hosting a performance are other goals we work on as publishers. Our publishing universe, in fact, is organized into three main areas: Books, Media and Production, each of them characterized by many different competencies.

Building working relationships and developing new opportunities

A monograph always involves research, careful collection of iconographic material, testimonials and preliminary notes. Our books are all different because they have an original structure created specifically for each stage professional developed by graphic designers who are artists. We do not use pre-packaged programs, each page has its own story, its own particular structure, the images can be modified and reassembled to create a new expressive language.  One of our books is an opportunity for the designer to whom it is dedicated, an original, powerful and authoritative portfolio. But it is also, above all, an opportunity for companies that offer services and products intended for the production of Opera or a theatrical production, aimed at obtaining greater visibility than a simple advertising page. In fact, sponsoring a book means tying one’s brand to the designer and keeping it forever visible.

 If you are interested in participating in our initiatives, WRITE TO INFO@THESCENOGRAPHER.ORG