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“The Technical can exist without Art, but Art can never exist without the Technical.”  (Renè Berger)
Any separation between the technical and art is absolutely superfluous; in the case of theatre technology this doubt is still more pronounced. The habitual separation between Stagecraft and Stage Design by now seems to have increasingly blurred and hazy contours in contemporary stage productions. This separation could perhaps have made sense when, to recall the words of Luciano Damiani, the scenographer / sketch artist was the “provider of images” which were then transformed into physical sets by the skillful hands of artisans (scene painters,  carpenters, sculptors, technicians etc.) that worked to develop and build the set, rendering it three-dimensional and functional  for the performance space.
Contemporary stage design, by contrast, appears increasingly to migrate towards processes that integrate and complement each  other, piloted by a project that is dramatic, poetic, expressive and aesthetic in nature, the only true purpose towards which to gravitate. Such integration  incorporates knowledge in disciplines that are increasingly diversified and specialized, driven by necessity to be both formal and  functional in a continuous interaction. We can therefore witness a steady proliferation of scenic inventions, truly  extraordinary prototypes which in themselves would often  represent the actualizing of dreams that scenographers have harboured throughout history, but that only twentieth-century technology has enabled them to realize and make concrete. Daniele Paolin (Set Designer)

General information

SCSA periodically organises  workshops destined for a targeted group of professionals, the purpose being to provide a platform on which to rapidly acquire knowledge of the most up to date technologies.  The topics are presented in appropriate locations  with the aim of providing added value to a corporate image  at an international reach. To respond to the challenge that technologies consistently present we also keep abreast with innovation by attending major industry trade fairs, but in addition to this we orient ever more towards initiatives increasingly specialized, alternative and directed primarily towards study and training opportunities for postgraduates and newly qualified professionals.
The outcome of these meetings, interventions and interviews  are documented and published unabridged in AE magazine, our publication dedicated to architecture and stagecraft.
Our US-based distributor, Magzter  is the world’s fastest growing digital newsstand/magazine store/kiosk with 35+ million users from 212+ countries.
For the print copy, NewsStand is our UK-based major distributor and online magazine store for Europe and Asia.
To the scenographers whom we feature and to businesses that book an ad page we provide up to 500 copies for personal or inhouse distribution to colleagues, collaborators and industry clients.
The Scenographer and AE are a quality publications that is primarily targeted at entertainment industry professionals, but is designed to also appeal to the general reader interested in this sphere.
Companies who advertise in our magazine are big players in the international arena.
Our magazine main target profile status age bracket 24 to 60 years. They are architects, engeenering, art directors, production designers and set decorators, interior designers,  light designers , illustrators, scenery painters, set dressers, costume designers, fashion stylists. Qualified professional, mid to high earnings bracket. Often works abroad and travels widely. Purchases advanced technology products, has a highly developed artistic sensibility.
Secondary target profile status age bracket 18-30 years. Graduate or student of architecture, fine arts, theatre school. Good disposable income, highly motivated towards  continuous growth in their chosen profession, actively involved and highly interested in multimedia projects.
Technical sector
Theatre and studio machinery, engineering and stage installations, furnishing, furniture and fabrics for theatres, paints and dyes, mobile structures, quality seating, drapes and materials, soundproofing materials, stage lighting, laser systems, gobos, video projectors, special digital and mechanical effects, screens, mirrors, artificial flowers and plants, smoke and fog machines, novelties, pyrotechnic effects.
Other sectors
Interior design,  textiles, jewellery,  fashion, photography, tourism and travel. Interior decoration and homeware. Location sets: sites of particular architectural, artistic and historical interest, local, regional and national tourist offices.


Sample pages of advertising

Three valid reasons for booking ad space in THE SCENOGRAPHER & AE

  1. The privileged rapport that we have developed with a considerable number of professionals in various sectors within the architecture & entertainment industry: architects, engineers, stage designers, art directors, interior designers, light designers, sound designers, costume designers, exhibit designers, multi-vision designers, special effects supervisors.
  2. Double exposure. You book a page and you advertise in two magazines that have the same target readership in the fields of architecture, engineering and stagecraft.
  3. Our publication is international; we have links not only with Europe and the United States but also with those Asian countries that have a solid tradition in theatre and opera.
We offer a marketing strategy designed to be even more effective in promoting your Company’s products and services: a sound investment and a cost effective method of increasing sales potential. Taking advantage of this opportunity reaps the following benefits:
display of company logo and products on the magazine’s stand at key industry events throughout the year: trade shows, festivals, awards, conventions;
High-level assistance in the acquisition of new clients through direct contacts with industry professionals;
Product presentation through advertorials in print and digital formats.


FULL PAGE BLEED 240mm x 300mm
HALF PAGE VERTICAL 110mm x 300mm



DOUBLE-PAGE  € 1,500  / THREE PAGE   € 2,200  FOUR PAGE  € 2,800
Create maximum impact for your business by booking (in addition to an ad page)  double-page, triple-page space or more… for an advertorial. In order to  best exploit this channel of communication, we strongly recommend a campaign based on a series of advertorials specifically designed to attract maximum attention. Through the use of eye-catching graphics and illustrated with high quality photographic images, advertorials give your business maximum exposure in display advertising, while allowing ample space for a company profile and mission statement, a showcase of products and information regarding a particular event or launch.


Theatre Programmes

Promote your theatre’s playbill so as to reach a much wider audience. Our monographic publications are the ideal vehicle for the promotion of every type of seasonal playbill. Use traditional print in tandem with a digital platform.
Hypertext links, visibility on social media, and portability of communication on an array of mobile devices. Costs are absolutely competitive; discounts and special offers particularly advantageous for every type of marketing strategy.

We offer you international reach with a full page display at the special rate of € 350.


Schools, colleges, universities and other vocational bodies  can use  a dedicated showcase for the exclusive use of promoting training and further education activities linked to the performing arts and entertainment sectors.  Every scholastic institute can make use of sizeable space on our home page, consisting of images, video presentations, articles, registration forms and hypertext links to additional content.


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