Launching a series of extra-curricular events in university complexes, our aim is to exploit one of the most recognized sites for higher education and vocational training, where a dialogue can be created between students, practitioners and businesses focused on what the market has to offer in new technologies for the entertainment industry. The seminars, geared towards vocational training, will be hosted by practitioners operating in a number of industry related sectors, with as their prime objective to discuss and formulate ideas for projects through an exchange of expertise and know-how. An information gathering exercise in which the cross-fertilization of knowledge and skills becomes the keystone for future developments in the entertainment industry.

What we aim to provide  is not simply an educational programme, but a work-related exercise in which the purely factual aspect is partnered by the sharing of international experiences. Therefore, adjacent to the themed symposia we propose a series of ‘meet and greets’ and an area reserved for products and services tailored for the business community. These appointments reserved exclusively for a select audience of professionals and graduates will enable the firms participating in the event to rapidly develop new opportunities for  networking and growth, particularly useful in keeping abreast of innovative technologies.

  • Industry Sector
  • Professional categories
  • Educational

Industry Sectors
Theatre and studio machinery, engineering and stage installations, furnishing, furniture and fabrics for theatres, paints and dyes, mobile structures, quality seating, drapes and materials, soundproofing materials, stage lighting, laser systems, gobos, video projectors, special digital and mechanical effects, screens, mirrors, artificial flowers and plants, smoke and fog machines, novelties, pyrotechnic effects. Interior design,  textiles, jewellery, perfumes, fashion, photography. Interior decoration and homeware. Location sets: sites of particular architectural, artistic and historical interest, local, regional and national tourist offices.

Professional categories
Art directors, set designers and set decorators, interior designers, architects, engineering, light designers , illustrators, scenery painters, set dressers, costume designers, fashion stylists.

Design Institutes, Art Institutes, Academies of Fashion and Costume,  Academies of Dramatic Art, Universities: Faculties of Architecture and Departments of Scenic Arts and Theatre.

The Scenographer main target profile status
age bracket 30 to 60 years. Qualified professional, mid to high earnings bracket. Often works abroad and travels widely. Purchases advanced technology products, has a highly developed artistic sensibility.

Secondary target profile status
age bracket 20-30 years. Graduate or student of architecture, fine arts, film or theatre school. Good disposable income, highly motivated towards  continuous growth in their chosen profession, actively involved and highly interested in multimedia projects.