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THE SCENOGRAPHER offers you a broad range of economic opportunities and of great impact by taking your message to a targeted public! We have 20 years experience in collaborating with theatre professionals the world over. Since the magazine’s launch in 2002, The Scenographer has become one of the world’s most respected quality publications on theatre design, recognised by entertainment industry professionals and aficionados alike. The Scenographer stands out as being one of the few magazines that publish exclusive monographic issues on theatre designers from around the world.

The Scenographer brings directly to your home, your office, your university”s classrooms, your library, wherever you are, all the theater in the world. As publishers we have a job to do, we can do it together: to spread theater culture.
Drawn first and foremost by passion, we present and describe the extraordinary work of directors, set designers , costume and lighting designers. We retrace together with them, their entire artistic career.

It is a work of research, of study, every page, every work, every text, every image, every performance we present as if it were the first time, it is like a publishing novelty, because each artist is different, each of his works is original, his universe is always new, it is never repeated. For this reason our books are unique, just as each book is unique, because it is different from the others.

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