Text by Sue Jane Stoker with the contribution by Robert Wilson.

Whatever I do, whether it’s an installation in a museum or a gallery, or a work in the theatre, or an architectural project, I always start with light first. Without light, there is no space. For example, I was having some glass made in Marseilles, based on designs I made nine years ago. I saw, looking at the early drawings, that they were not so much about the design of an object as about an idea of light. Later they transformed themselves into something that was three dimensional, an object – but it started with the feeling of light, what was the light going to be, that was what created the object, the space for the object. Einstein on the Beach, the opera I did with Philip Glass, if one looks at the early drawings, lighting was not something we added two weeks before we opened, it was a fundamental part of the work from the first day, it was in the structure, the architecture of the piece. (Robert Wilson).

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