Theatre director

The Machinery of Vision
in the Theatre
Text by Anna Maria Monteverdi

The characters in Lepage’s stories communicate their own solitude or they practise self-analysis, or maybe they seek comfort in a telephone conversation in a phone booth in an attempt to hold on to their love after being abandoned by them, or they discover some previously unearthed dramatic truth…
…The characters’ solitude is broken either by talking to themselves or conversing with other characters on video, or by interacting with their own shadow.
In each case the issue is that of creating a scenic integration of image and body. For each show Lepage elaborates a different form for this dialogue which, however, never fails to privilege the craftsmanship involved in the theatrical aspect of projection and offers a magical illusion thanks to the ability of the actor to create a bridge between the three-dimensional physical form and two-dimensional electronics. (Text by Anna Maria Monteverdi)

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