A great investment that nets a full-page ad in both the print and digital editions, a promotion on our website with a banner on its home page plus an article in our site’s Products & Services section which can be updated and remain visible to users until 2022.

Portrait format - 240 mm x 300 mm | 9" 29/64 x 11" 13/16


$2800 | € 2400 |


Portrait format - 240 mm x 300 mm | 9" 29/64 x 11" 13/16

Pages 1 and 2

PAGE 1 $2500 | € 2130 |PAGE 2 $2300 | € 1950 |


Portrait format - 200 mm x 50 mm

The bookmark is the ideal tool to promote your brand

A practical, portable solution to promote your business. Display your company logo, selected image/s, business address and website, printed front and back. A durable stand-alone marketing tool for your brand. Ideal for distribution at trade events and other venues. Printed in full colour, double-sided, on 400gsm glossy laminated cardstock.

Included in the price, in addition to your ad page in the book, we include 100 bookmarks

$800 | € 680 |


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We invite companies that need to continuously keep abreast with a rapidly evolving globalised marketplace to consider fresh pathways of communication that utilise dynamic and interactive promotional messaging. Your Company can now promote its products and services rapidly and with global reach at extremely cost-efficient rates.
Advertise your company’s products in the digital edition and on our website, compare our rates and invest in a highly cost efficient means of reaching your target audience.

in the digital edition

Corporate promotion becomes interactive

$ 450 | € 380

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Together with advertising in the electronic and print editions, the ad can be combined with a targeted campaign on our website. The goal is to maximize communication. For this reason, we propose an online advertising campaign on our site and in the newsletter sent monthly to about a thousand professionals. Together with the classic banner which can be static or dynamic, we create contextual ads useful to guide the user towards the specifics of the product or service offered. Each banner is linked to the customer's company pages.

Advertising on the web

Dimensione in pixel 728 x 90 - 960 x 90

3 Months € 560 / 6 Months € 850

Banner on the home page and dedicated pages