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Slide PRG Our scenic division includes project managers, artists, sculptors and engineers. We offer a wide range of automation solutions from variable speed hoists to 3D tracking and cue-based motion control systems, along with a full-service machine shop and a comprehensive fabrication department. Our company’s roots are in theatre – so much so that our founder began his career as an apprentice in a scenic carpentry shop. Through time, no company has done more than PRG to expand the role technology plays in fostering creative excellence on the stage. Additionally, there is no segment where our proprietary innovations, ranging from scenic automation to lighting, networking and video, have had a greater impact. Read more External link

Slide HUDSON Hudson Scenic Studio is a premier provider of custom fabrication, automation and bespoke finishes, servicing the entertainment and architectural industries. HUDSON is comprised of Hudson Scenic Studio (custom fabrication & automation) and Hudson Theatrical Associates (technical supervision & production management). We provide highly integrated services and comprehensive solutions to make any project happen. Whether you need a specialty item or a one-stop shop for large scale projects, HUDSON can help from concept design to installation. Read more External link

Slide PROOF Proof Productions, Inc. is a full service scenic studio specializing in all types of projects from inception to completion. Theyy have a fully staffed fabrication department including artists, carvers, sculptors, carpenters, electricians and metal fabrication technicians.Their expertise includes, but is not limited to, theater, TV/film, restaurant themes, exhibits, special effects, retail displays, corporate and special events, architectural and engineering support services. Read more External link

Slide SCENIC ART STUDIOS Scenic Art Studios was founded in 1994 by Master Scenic Artist and Tony Honors recipient, Joseph Forbes. Since its inception the company has cultivated a reputation for artistic excellence, providing the highest level of craftsmanship for over 350 Broadway productions. Scenic Art Studios create backdrops and sculptures in our 15,000 sq. foot studio located in Newburgh. NY, as well as painting, built scenery for multiple production companies across the Tri-State area. Specializing in theatrical painting, we also work with multiple production shops in the Northeast painting the sets and installations they construct for film, television, and specialty venues. Be it softgoods, sculpture, scenery, onsite work calls, or murals, we have the crew to fit your needs. Read more External link

Slide PERONI Peroni has specialized in providing an exclusive service for professionals involved in the creation of every type of scenic and decorative space, particularly in the world of entertainment. Over the last twenty years Peroni has risen to become the key Italian producer (and one of the majors worldwide) of screens for professional projection and rear projection and of dance floors, while its textiles for stagecraft and mechanisms for moving scenery continue to be a benchmark for the entire sector. Read more External link

Slide SERAPID Stage equipment. SERAPID develop a technology for the movement of heavy loads, Rigid Chain Technology (RCT), offering unequalled precision, compactness and reliability. With the LinkLift, a product specially designed to meet the needs of theatre and performance venues. Today over 1,000 sites all over the world use this technology to move stages and platforms. Read more External link