Peroni has risen to become the key Italian producer (and one of the majors worldwide) of screens for professional projection and rear projection and of dance floors, while its textiles for stagecraft and mechanisms for moving scenery continue to be a benchmark for the entire sector.

Systems for curtains

Typology of curtain

Stagedesigner   is highly skilled in the concept, design and build of scenery and installations. Its main activity is in the creation of sets for broadly different environments that have one need in common: to create settings for stage, TV, film, trade shows and events of every kind. The workshop houses the carpentry, machine, sculpture and paint shops.  One specific sector of Stagedesigner is special effects; often closely connected with stage design, though at times implemented for make-up effects, motion simulation and more. Annexed to the workshop is the planning and design office, as well as the administrative and logistics departments.
Stagedesigner can design in-house, or can provide a support base for planning, design and rendering for professionals such as scenographers, directors or producers. The product passes from the drawing board to the machines and the workshops for its creation prior to transportation and set-up or installation. Stagedesigner has its own team of machinists and props crew and can follow the show or the event for its entire duration, thus providing on-site support, brush-up and optimization.

Stagedesigner ha costruito il palco e realizzato anche alcuni elementi di attrezzeria per l’opera di Sofocle OEDIPUS diretta dal regista Bob Wilson al Teatro Grande degli Scavi di Pompei. Inoltre si è occupata del montaggio e della assistenza alle prove per le prime giornate di allestimento.

OEDIPUS first representation: 2018 TEATRO ANTICO of POMPEI (IT). Direction: BOB WILSON.
Light design: Salomon Weissbard.

For the opera, Oedipus, the client requested we create a very low stage, which had to be mounted over the existing stage in order to “absorb” all the stage elements, conceal lighting and floor-based audio monitor.
We built a large black platform for soundproofing, which housed a small elevator, a  compartment for microphones and various channels  built ad hoc for all the hand props lifted or replaced by the performers on stage.
The central part of this stage is suspended on I-beams while the rear is left open so as to contain a large frame structure over which is stretched a PVC rear projection screen.
In the draft version of the project, this screen had to be extracted from below stage and  organized vertically on two “feet” fitted on the stage.
An “invisible” construction for a set that is clean and minimal; despite its appearance, it is the combined result of technology and  highly skilled workmanship.
For side access of wheeled and moveable elements, large ramps were fitted as well as a reinforced frame that visibly marks off the backstage and wings from the visible scenic space.
In the initial project large three-dimensional scenery flats had to be made so as to fake the effect of a continuation of the ruins of the actual  location; these elements were to be used to reduce the width of the proscenium and plug the three  truncated arches at the back of the stage.

I-MESH is yarn, grid and texture. I-MESH is an innovative material invented to assume a leading position in the field of solar protection indoors/outdoors. Scenes, backgrounds, partitions can be quickly modified, the assembly and disassembly is done with great easiness and reduced costs. The surfaces can be screens for video projections and video installations or fixed and dynamic decorations, symbolic images and quotes.

When the texture of I-MESH meets the light, the light design exercise begins. The light is reflected or let through according to the density of the yarn, of the type of material and  pattern. When I-MESH is utilized as a projection screen the communication exercise begins: by utilizing images, signs and words, surprising effects are created. Detailed illustration or visual suggestion are made by balancing light and shadow, details of depth and surface. This application field is also accompanied by the realization of costumes for actors or dancers and the creation of objects such as: sculptures, totems, fixed and movable parts of the stage and of the theatre apparatus.