Theatre director, set and costume designer

a decade of stage design
and artistic direction
From Baroque theatre to an erudite journey of Masonic
initiation rite through transgression and reason, exoticism, myth and fable.
Text by Ivana D'Agostino

The decade of stage design and artistic direction here considered is done so through a sampling of works regarded as significant in supporting the theory introduced by the title: that is, the passage from the exhilarating, grandiloquent opulence of the scenery and the abundance of “surprise elements” inherent in Baroque theatre to the essentiality of the message, albeit rich in symbolic citations, expressed in the erudite journey of the Masonic initiation rite, the overall theme for the operas billed for the 2006 edition of the Sferisterio Opera Festival, annually held in Macerata, Italy.

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