Theatre director, set and costume designer
(1923 – 2007)

architect of the ephemeral.
Text by Daniele Paolin

“…No stage magic can remove that context [the proscenium] from the substantial immutability that stems from it being perceived as a world that is totally separate from the reality of our senses. In order to draw it closer to us it will therefore be necessary to focus not on its illusionistic mechanisms that operate within the container, but directly on the spaces determined by its axonometric coordinates: surfaces, height and depth. This means that a similar procedure implies the constant reference to a code of geometric abstraction: deep down there is always an abstract elementary structure, one could cancel out everything and identify the essential lines, the planes, the spaces, the relationships. The term “scenography” is inaccurate, one should instead talk of the study of “spatial coordinates”, a method of Intervention on the space in view of regaining it and founding it a new”. (Luciano Damiani)

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