Set designer and architect

Interview by Franco Quadri with the contribution
by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti

Svoboda celebrated his eightieth birthday in May of this year and was honoured in Prague with the revival of three scenarios, one for each act, of a famous Tosca created in 1947 in that same theatre, the sets of which completely reinvented of Puccini’s opera with their aerial perspectives obliquely suspended in space. In Italy an itinerant exhibition has been dedicated to him, inaugurated in Genoa in November, which is currently touring the Reggio Emilia region: the exposition is practically virtual, based mainly on transparencies, which allow comparison among a series of plays and operas among the most significant realized by him, with the possibility in some cases to verify the dynamics of the set. I will now put some questions to the Maestro, after which a twenty-minute video will be projected, offering a panorama of his theatre, and which dwells on two of his greatest Shakespearian creations: Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.