GALILEO. Opera for Violin and Scientist.

Directed by Boris Yukhananov. The premiere took place on 18 July 2017. Italian scientist Galileo Galilei lived half his life struggling to provide a proof for heliocentrism – that is, the belief that the universe is centered around the Sun, with the Earth revolving around it. Each segment of the opera, written by five composers – Sergej Newski, Kuzma Bodrov, Dmitri Kourliandski, Kirill Chernegin and Pavel Karmanov – presents a fragment of the life of Galileo, who is performed by the famous Russian physicist Grigory Amosov. The Theatre Yard is an outdoor space for concerts, festivals, exhibits, lectures, master classes and film screenings. This was the first premiere in the new Theatre Yard which opened in July and is a multifunctional, outdoor space. The Theatre Yard is a project of the Wowhaus bureau, which also reconstructed the theatre’s main building. “I will die alone, virtually blind, surrounded by just a few disciples. But in this same year, 1,000 miles from Florence, in the English country of Lincolnshire, a young boy shall be born who shall be named for his recently deceased father Isaac. And this boy will believe me, and, having believed, he will be able to describe all of nature’s manifestations with a previously unheard-of precision. ‘If I have seen further,’ Newton will write to Robert Hooke in 1676, ‘it is by standing on the sholders [sic] of Giants.’ One of those giants was I, the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei.” Soloist and author of the idea – Yelena Revich (violin) Producer and co-author of the text – Ivan Bogantsev, director of educational programs of the Polytechnic Museum.