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The massive crisis that we are all going through has forced millions of people to work, study and communicate almost exclusively online. The digital solution is often the only viable option. Browsing the magazine is simple and intuitive, optimized for all types of mobile devices. While viewing content you can zoom in for incredible detail, access additional material through hyperlinks or download the PDF for offline reading.

We follow up your purchase order with an email containing a link to download your issue. You will also receive, separately, a PDF that you can print and copy without any restrictions.Not only that, digital copies of our magazine are constantly updated so you can follow the latest productions.

Our team is here to help, should you have any queries or experience difficulty in accessing a file.  If you happen to lose the copy you can request a replacement at no additional cost.

La pesantissima crisi che stiamo attraversando ha obbligato milioni di persone a lavorare, studiare e tenere ogni rapporto online. La soluzione digitale è l’unica possibile. La consultazione della rivista è semplice e intuitiva, consultabile su ogni tipo d mobile devices. Puoi anche effettuare zoom e ricerche attraverso i collegamenti ipertestuali, e in alcuni casi scaricare il pdf per la consultazione offline.

Riceverai sulla tua mail un avviso e con un semplice link potrai accedere immediatamente alla rivista acquistata, inoltre riceverai separatamente un PDF che potrai stampare e copiare senza alcuna restrizione. Ma non solo, le copie digitali vengono costantemente aggiornate e dunque potrai seguire le ultime produzioni. 

Il nostro team ti seguirà in caso di ogni possibile difficoltà e se smarrisci la copia la puoi richiedere di nuovo senza alcuna spesa aggiuntiva.

After purchasing your copy, please send us your request for the magazine specifying the number you have purchased.

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Received your email we will provide you with a link that allows you to download the magazine directly to your PC or tablet. Keep the link in a personal folder so you can download all and any updates to each issue as they appear. In fact, current and future issues of the digital edition of the magazine can be refreshed with additional content and new productions so as to continue to showcase designers’ most recent projects.

After receiving the link you will also receive  the digital copy in PDF, will be sent with a File Transfer Protocol FTP  (WeTrasfer)  your email address
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