The Bookmark

A practical, portable solution to promote your business. Display your company logo, selected image/s, business address and website, printed front and back. A durable stand-alone marketing tool for your brand. Ideal for distribution at trade events and other venues. Printed in full colour, double-sided, on 400gsm glossy laminated cardstock.

An unforgettable logo stands out from the ordinary one because of its level of versatility.
Buy a space on a bookmark, it stays your image imprinted forever.

Single rate $ 1200 / € 1050
In addition to the bookmark we’ll put inside the book,
you’ll get an extra 100 bookmarks for your personal circulation.

Technical Information

Sizes: 5cm x 25cm (13132in x 82132in)
We will prepare the layout, the company must send us images text address and logo.
The images must be in Jpeg 300dpi.