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The Scenographer is published in digital format,
with hypertext links to additional media content.

Browse your magazine on the go, wherever you are,
download it to view offline and copy it.

The advantage of the electronic edition
is that the copy is duplicable and can be updated.
Edizione digitale
Edizione digitale


Have you considered the benefits you can obtain by purchasing a digital edition subscription?
We can summarize this in 4 points: cost optimization, greater user interaction, ease of use, continuous updating.

  1. We have chosen to reduce costs as much as possible. Streamlined management, without sacrificing quality of graphics and layout. An “eco-friendly” choice that is reflected in eliminating printing and shipping costs.
  2. When we prepare a digital copy we look for the best multimedia content: a meticulous research that identifies links and content with the most relevant sites, the most comprehensive videos, the most in-depth texts.
  3. The digital copy is available in PDF, optimized for PC or Tablet or, if you prefer, on your smartphone. In addition, a useful link allows you to view it on the latest software programs. An unparalleled and increasingly advanced  technological solution.  Browse your magazine on the go, wherever you are, download it to view offline and copy it. No restrictions or passwords. And if you happen to lose the file, simply request a replacement at any time and we’ll wing it to you at no additional cost.
  4. The digital copy is regularly updated and re-mailed, so you can always find the most recent productions by the featured director or set designer. This makes for a unique and exclusive archive. An inexhaustible source of inspiration. An irreplaceable study tool.

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