We print what is necessary, and if necessary, we reprint on demand. This means that there is no waste; no book is abandoned on the shelf. But a book can wear out over time. New digital printing technologies allow us to print even a single copy in no time thereby lowering costs and offering an extra special service to our readers. But not only that, the new book will still be up-to-date as it can include the most recent works that the author has submitted. So it is effectively a new book, a service that is offered at special request. This is a privilege.

How long does it take to print a book?
No more than two weeks. Printing takes at least 10 days and shipping no more than four.

How much does it cost to print a reserved copy?

Print on demand differs from traditional printing because instead of printing sets of books yourself, you’re paying a company to print books to order. When someone makes a purchase, the book is printed and shipped to that customer.

The total cost of a print-on-demand book is € 70
To this cost you must add shipping according to the rates shown below.


For Italy the cost of the book includes shipping. For Europe and the Mediterranean countries the cost of shipping a book is € 12. For the Americas and Asia the cost of shipping is € 22. For the countries of the Far East and Oceania the cost is € 32. These costs are discounted; this is the maximum discount we are currently able to secure. The advantage is that the shipment is trackable and we guarantee delivery.

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