Theater director Franco Zeffirelli in his studio as he designs a staging for one of his operas.

THE SCENOGRAPHER magazine was launched in 2002, the fruit of an idea by a group of Italian and British journalists and academics who had previously collaborated on the publication of a magazine on architecture and film. The decision to publish a periodical celebrating the art of production design was reached following an exclusive interview in London for a feature on the Academy Award-winning film production designer Ken Adam, to whom the pilot issue (number 0) was dedicated.

That same year began a ground-breaking collaboration with the Art Directors Guild and the Set Decorators Society in Los Angeles, for over a period of three years, during which THE SCENOGRAPHER team developed contacts with a great number of American production designers.

The magazine has been a sponsor for three consecutive years of the prestigious Art Directors Guild Awards, an award ceremony that is second only to the Academy Awards. Countless contributions from US film production designers have enriched its content, including: Alex McDowell, Guy Hendrix Dyas, Michael Corenblith, Scott Chambliss, Bo Welch, Stuart Craig, Tom Walsh, Jeannine Oppewall, Grant Major, Patrick Tatopoulos…

The historical documentation we present is the result of a 13-year collaboration.
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