AE Architecture Entertainment


AE, the new magazine of architecture and entertainme nt, is to launch a fixed
editorial programme with the ce ntral aim to stimulate dialogue betwee n
professionals involved in the planning, design, retrofitting and rege neration
of buildings destined for hosting the performing arts.

The aim is that of creating a fertile terrain of research that is capable of
monitoring and observing the succe ssion of discoveries and artistic and
tec hnological inventions in the field of architec ture.

The magazine also aims to encourage the professional growth of young
architec ts, sce nographers, lighting and sound designers by fostering a
climate of exchange of skills and know-how and the circulation of ideas and
projec ts across europe, thereby laying the ground for the developme nt of
opportunities, integration and exchange betwee n professionals operating in
these sec tors.


PRINT EDITION € 10 (Plus P&P from € 12.00)

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