The Scenographer  launches a new series celebrating the art of sketching for costume design. We showcase an exceptional collection of character-specific drawings for theatre performance, of studies in line drawings and painted figures for the creation of theatrical costumes. These designs are the foundation of any staged performance, skillful figure drawings sketched by great costume designers for feature film and opera productions.

“Every costume sketch tells a story of how the character in an opera is born. And the costume has to externalise their identity: the essence of the soul. It isn’t just the initial process of build, each drawing finds within itself the resolution as  “pure expression”; it can be considered an “objet d’art”. The creative act has yet to encounter the problems associated with the physical build and the performance of a costume. In the expression lives the impression, the suggestion of all that has yet to “become” resonates”. (Angela Buscemi).

Directing, set design, costumes, everything  moves in the same direction, in perfect harmony.  In the search for a fresh angle and in the network of ideas, narration undergoes a process of deconstruction and reconstruction. Each time, the inspiration that  drives takes a different, unpredictable turn.

The first volume features costume design drawings by highly talented costume designer Angela Buscemi. Designing costumes for theatre and film, Ms. Buscemi began her career early, working on the staging of countless opera productions. She has created garments for a number of musicals while in 2001, with My Fair Lady she received a nomination for Best Costume Design at the  IMTA Italian Musical Theatre Awards.

Publication Information

Costume designer

January 2018.
ISSN CODE 2514-3190.
73 pages. 100 Sketches

Costume designer

April 2018
ISSN CODE 2514-3190.
82 pages. 108 Sketches

Domenico Franchi
Costume designer

October 2018