Television set designer and artist

Gaetano Castelli is one of the world’s most important set designers and is universally considered the greatest television set designer alive today.
He began his career as a set designer in 1964 when, as a young man, he started work in RAI, the state broadcaster that at the time had existed for less than a decade. His career took off and his inspirational designs have characterized the sets (and history) of Italian TV entertainment for more than fifty years, by creating the look for shows that have made television history in Italy.
In addition to having designed the set for the first newscast in colour, he continued to create sets for highly popular TV shows such as Canzonissima, Studio 80, Palcoscenico, Al Paradise, plus numerous editions of Fantastico, nineteen editions of Italy’s song contest, the Festival di Sanremo (earning him the moniker “l’uomo dei Festival” – the Festivals man), and shows with high ratings featuring Pavarotti, actor Roberto Benigni, singer Gianni Morandi and showmen Fiorello, Adriano Celentano, Paolo Bonolis and Giorgio Panariello.
He has won several awards at the International Festival of Television in Montreux. In 1980 he was the recipient of the Silver Rose Award and he was twice awarded – in 1984 and in 2000 – the Golden Rose, the award for originality, quality and creativity, long recognized as the gold standard for television entertainment. Since 1983, he has worked in Paris as a set designer, initially for the Lido then from 1986 for the Moulin Rouge, of which he is artistic director. He taught scenography at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome for 35 years and he was also its director for 3 years after having been nominated on the strength of his acclaim. He currently holds conferences and debates on scenography throughout the world (China, Iran, Britain, Albania and many others), sharing his experience and his art for the benefit of new generations.