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Wondering how you can stimulate business growth for the future?

Courage! there is good cheer in store for you my boy.

THE SCENOGRAPHER offers you a broad range of economic opportunities and of great impact by taking your message to a targeted public! We have over 15 years experience in collaborating with theatre professionals the world over. Since the magazine’s launch in 2002, The Scenographer has become one of the world’s most respected quality publications on theatre design, recognised by entertainment industry professionals and aficionados alike. The Scenographer stands out as being one of the few magazines that publish exclusive monographic issues on theatre designers from around the world.

Three valid reasons for booking ad space in THE SCENOGRAPHER

  1. The privileged rapport that we have developed with a considerable number of professionals in various sectors: set designers, art directors, interior designers, architects, lighting and sound designers, costume designers, exhibit designers, video designers…
  2.  Our wide-ranging coverage of every aspect of theatre.
  3.  Our publication is international; we have links not only with Europe and the United States but also with those Oriental countries that have a solid tradition in theatre and opera.

Directors, set & costume designers, architects, sound and lighting designers, visual designers, artists, special effect supervisors, fashion stylists.

Our US-based distributor, Magzter is the fastest growing digital newsstand / kiosk in the world with over 35 million users from over 212 countries.

The Scenographer proposes an even more incisive communication strategy, with an investment offered at an affordable cost, we aim to support and increase the business of companies