What We Do

The International Study Centre for the Scenic Arts (SCSA), is a pan-European not for profit cultural association dedicated to promoting the scenic arts: production design, costume design and set decor in feature film, theatre, musical performance, television and live events, created in order to favour the development of opportunities for young emerging designers, and to act as a platform in the exchange of professional skills, know-how and cultural cooperation between professionals operating in European Member States.
The SCSA’s mission is twofold:
to act as a hub and function as an “open laboratory” for a variety of initiatives, programmes and incentives that have vocational training as their prime objective, in order to pool the collective skills of craft practitioners and establish a fruitful link between established professionals and graduate designers; to provide production designers, costume designers, set decorators and scenic artists with the opportunity to take technical refresher courses and workshops organised in association with expert practitioners and companies providing technologies for the entertainment industry.
The organisational structure of the SCSA is presided over by a scientific committee comprising academics, architects, engineers, scenographers, historians and art critics. The scientific committee has the all-round task of gathering information and applications from the field of vocational training, from the world of technology and experimentation and from the professional sphere, making evident the results and giving visibility to the completed projects with frequent intervals and with adequate means.
The SCSA promotes the union between technology and art, and as such, maps out a pioneering course for young trainees and professionals to follow by breaking away from the division of disciplines long established according to sector-based criteria.
The ultimate goal, already experimented with success, is that of offering a new generation of professionals, adequately trained in the many creative and technical disciplines, a constant and constructive refresh geared towards aiding professional placement in the sectors of film, theatre and entertainment in general.
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