Paco Azorin

Paco Azorin

Theatre director and set designer.

Paco Azorín studied stage design and directing at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. He has created over 250 sets for opera, theatre, dance and musical productions. In Spain, he develops his activities principally in theatres and for public festivals, such as Centro Dramático Nacional, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Teatre Lliure, Teatro Español, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and Festival Barcelona Grec, among others. He directs operas, zarzuelas and drama productions. As a scenographer he regularly works with directors Lluis Pasqual and Carme Portaceli. He has also worked with Mario Gas, Francesco Negrín, Helena Pimenta, Sergi Belbel, Victor Ullate and Ernesto Caballero. He has been the recipient of several awards. In 2003, he created and directed the Festival de Shakespeare de Santa Susana, in Catalonia.

Poetics of the visible and the invisible.

Text by Nieves Pérez-Abad

Make visible the invisible. To give form to a magnificent new world. Generate. Build in order to shatter preconceptions, that which is already done, already seen and heard. Strip bare. Get right down to the marrow, the core that underpins and permeates an opera or play and from there give birth to a new organism whose nervous system consists of the visible lines of a body that materialises in the scenic space. Play in order to create. Create in order to play. Design, direct, give rise to a form of life. Communicate in the deepest sense of the term. And work, labour, work. Never stifle curiosity.
These are the poetics, and the ethics, of Paco Azorín (1974), scenographer and director, but also lighting designer, administrator, producer, professor as well as costume designer and actor at the dawn of hs career. The expression ‘man of the theatre’ does not entirely include his biography or his completed projects, neither does it include opera, which is substantial for this hyperactive, or rather, hyperproductive creator, as his demeanor is that of a calm and composed man.



What You’ll Learn

  1. Text in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian.
  2. Text write by Nieves Pérez-Abad, Profesora en Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid (RESAD). Directora de escena y pedagoga teatral.
  3. 11 Drama
  4. 15 Grand Opera
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