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Study Centre Scenic Arts
Who we are

The Study Centre for Scenic Arts (SCSA) is a not-for-profit cultural association with the aim of creating a pan-European ‘open laboratory’ to promote the collective skills of scenographers and other design professionals, which will provide a platform for the spread of knowledge and creative drive through a constructive effort to strengthen the relationship between technology and professionals and emerging talent.


The SCSA’s mission is twofold to act as a hub and function as an “open laboratory” for a range of initiatives, programmes and incentives that have vocational training as their prime objective, in order to pool the collective skills of craft practitioners and establish a fruitful link between established professionals and graduate designers; to provide production designers, costume designers, set decorators and scenic artists with the opportunity to take technical refresher courses and workshops organised in association with expert practitioners and companies providing technologies for the entertainment industry.


To bring to light all that which is relevant to the scenic arts with particular attention paid to the vocational training of young final-year students and graduates about to enter the professional world.
To produce digital and hard copy published material using all forms of multimedia communication including that of television networks.
To organize on an annual basis, in collaboration with theatre institutions and television networks, and working together with set , lighting and costume designers, events such as festivals, permanent and itinerant exhibitions, study conferences, conventions, internships and practical work experience, for professionals, final-year students and graduates.