Cristian Taraborrelli

Theatre director, set and costume designer, creative director.

Cristian Taraborrelli is an Italian director, creative director, set designer and costume designer. His work ranges from experimental theatre, opera, concept and staging events for media, video and interactive formats and mapping.
Among various art awards he has been the recipient of  the Franco Abbiati Italian Music Prize in 2006; the Prix du Syndicat de la Critique in 2009 in France, for Best Art Direction for “Gertrude (Le Cri)” by Howard Barker – which also gained a nomination for Best Art Direction, the Moliére Prize.

a global view of the creative imagination of Cristian Taraborrelli

by Bruno Di Marino
Separating the role of stage designer from that of director in Cristian Taraborrelli’s body of work is not the best way to probe the aesthetics and the poetics of this creator. We are too used to thinking that stage design is an accessory, an add-on to a live show and in some cases a mere backdrop, simply décor. Well, that is not so, and probably never has been. But we don’t need to revisit Svoboda in order to comprehend just how much of an anchor, from a dramatical point of view, constitutes the work of an art director for the design of a production in its entirety, as well as being instrumental in rendering the deepest sense of a drama, to allow its beating heart to emerge.
For this reason, to separate the productions directed by him from those in which he “limited” himself to creating the sets is a pointless exercise. Taraborrelli’s style is transversal with regard to a presumed  author recognition. His clever ideas, the visual inventions that spring from a combination of concrete artisan skill and new  media, represent – albeit in espressive versatility and variability – a trademark. The scenographer in theatre, just as the cinematographer in film, is often co-author, and could not be otherwise.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Text in two languages: English and Italian.
  2. Text write by Bruno Di Marino, theatre critic, teaching of mass media at the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone, Italy. From 1989 he has been involved in audiovisual experimentation.
  3. 19 Grand operas
  4. 10 Dramas
  5. 196 Images
  6. 19 video link


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