Ignacio Garcia

“I believe that, more than be an inventor, a director should be a discoverer. The world of contemporary art is deeply obsessed with invention, but I believe that a director is someone who appreciates that which aleady exists, who relates to the virtues of the text,  who knows how to read them,  who learns how to value them and to transmit them to the performers who in turn make them their own and who are capable of communicating them to the audience in an organic way, real, in an impulsive way, in a deep and meaningful form.” (José Gabriel López Antuñano)


ISSN: 1722-6694-02
Print Copy: 60 pages
Digital Copy: 88 pages

Published: January 2018.
Edition: Print and digital copies
Available in: English, Spanish and Italian.

Publisher: SCSA Ltd, London
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