AE, the new magazine on architecture for theatres, auditoria
and buildings destined for culture and the performing arts.

Theatre has similarities with architecture because it pertains to a sequence of events; its beginning, its development and its conclusion. Without this sequence of events there is no theatre and there is no architecture. (Aldo Rossi)


THE SCENOGRAPHER and AE ARCHITECTURE & ENTERTAINMENT two sister publications that embrace a broad range of creative and technical professions in contemporary theatre. From planning to production, from blueprint to structure, from concept to design, this magazines group what’s best in production design and stagecraft, where art, science and architecture converge.

Our publications  born in a time that is absolutely astounding, for the capacity to embrace  mutations  and stimulate creative drive. Technological progress and developments in art have often drawn the boundaries and defined contours of knowledge with reciprocal contaminations.

From 2018 we will publish four issues,  collecting the best of theatrical architecture,  but not only, the readers will also find themes and arguments dedicated to technologies and products manufactured by leading companies in the entertainment industry that actively participate in our activities. In summary we feature:  the presentation of specific issues relating to contemporary stagecraft plus interviews, articles and video presentations on a number of topics.
This pursues the following objectives: facilitate networking opportunities among professionals and companies producing materials while developing high levels of professional training and technological research.

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