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# 00 / MARCH 2017


Studio Andrew Todd,  Hardelot Theatre.
Rex Architecure, The Dee And Charles Wyly Theatre.
A+Architecure, Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre.
Arkpabi, Auditorum Giovanni Arvedi.
OpenLab Company, Theatre Box.
LSD LigthSoundDesign, Stagecraft notes.

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The 464-seater auditorium Giovanni Arvedi is a jewel of acoustic engineering. The new hall was refurbished from the origianl salone in Palazzo dell’Arte. Conceived as a form of expressing the beauty of instruments, the Auditorium came into being to represent the great musical tradition, but also to confront the future of music. The result is a fluid project made of soft volumes, sinuous lines chasing each other and drawing a great organic sculpture which expresses the spreading of sound waves. A parallel project: architecture and sound, releasing a sequence of shapes, volumes, views: the focal point is the central stage where attention is immediately centred. An important acoustic and architectonic choice sedimenting all-involving visions, recalling almost the Weimar all- embracing theatre. The space where sound is formed, the circular stage on the lower level of the hall, is a magnetic nucleus for the audience, drawing attention to the musical event to the musical event and making its image fully central. The audience is “wrapped round” the musicians, the dialogue that is created between the audience and the players producing a strong emotional impact and allowing a new experience which goes beyond the classical concert concept. The architecture is done to excite emotions, but the acoustics, studied by the acoustics engineer Yasuhisa Toyota, also become a strong point of the hall. The architecture tries to “capture” sound to translate it into an image; music, ephemeral by nature, becomes from, substance: permanent and ephemeral in a timeless dialogie in the place celebrating string instruments.

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