THE SCENOGRAPHER is quality publications

that are primarily targeted at entertainment industry professionals,

but designed also to appeal to the general reader interested in this sphere.

Our magazines, thanks to digital technology and a new market of online distribution, boast a wide-ranging distribution network.

Our US-based distributor, Magzter is the world’s fastest growing digital newsstand/magazine store/kiosk with 35+ million users from 212+ countries.


Companies who advertise in our magazine are big players in the international arena. Our policy is to nurture relations with a number of select clients, to encourage partnering initiatives and to broker direct contact between businesses and design practitioners.

And for the print edition, NEWSSTAND, the UK’s largest online magazine store, is our distributor for Europe and Asia. For our author contributors and to businesses that book advertising space we provide additional print copies for in-house or capillary direct distribution to industry clients and professionals.


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Three valid reasons for booking ad space in THE SCENOGRAPHER and Architecture & Entertainment


  1. The privileged rapport that we have developed with a considerable number of professionals in various sectors: set designers, art directors, interior designers, architects, lighting and sound designers, costume designers, exhibit designers, video designers…
  2. Our wide-ranging coverage of every aspect of theatre and architecture.
  3. Our publication is international; we have links not only with Europe and the United States but also with those oriental countries that have a solid tradition in theatre and opera.

The Scenographer now offers a marketing strategy designed to be even more effective in promoting your Company’s products and services: a sound investment and a cost effective method of increasing sales potential.

Taking advantage of this opportunity reaps the following benefits:

– Exploit new channels of corporate communications (video conferencing).

– Display of company logo and products on the magazine’s stand at key industry events throughout the year: trade shows, festivals, awards, conventions.

High-level assistance in the acquisition of new clients through direct contacts with industry professionals.

Product presentation through advertorials in print and digital formats.

TEXT in English.
QR codes that can be used on various mobile device operating systems.

TEXT in English.
QR codes that can be used on various mobile device operating systems.


Cover 1 (Inside front cover).......... € 4500
Cover 2 (Inside back cover)......... € 4200
Cover 3 (Back cover) .................... € 4800

Full page ...............€ 2800
Double page ......€ 4500
Half page ..............€ 1800


10% (2 x)  15% (3 x)  30% (6 x)


To book ad space write to: 

Is this your first booking? If you book space in two consecutive issues of The Scenographer, in addition to a 10% discount we offer a FREE ad page in AE, our new magazine on architecture and entertainment. This offer is valid until the end of the year.

Digital advertising options deliver targeted opportunities for gaining the attention of visitors and driving traffic to your website. Promote your brand, display products and services, celebrate your achievements, and promote new programmes and events.
The goal of digital advertising is to provide an opportunity for our advertisers to engage our magazine's online readers with interactive content that provides value and helps our advertisers to tell their story, or to illustrate their products and services and expertise beyond what a conventional print ad would provide.

View an example of digital advertising:

Current issue page............................... € 650,00
Special discount for new entry........€ 450,00

To book ad space write to: 



Create maximum impact for your business by booking (in addition to an ad page)  double-page, triple-page space or more… for an advertorial.

In order to  best exploit this channel of communication, The Scenographer strongly recommends a campaign based on a series of advertorials specifically designed to attract maximum attention.
Through the use of eye-catching graphics and illustrated with high quality photographic images, advertorials give your business maximum exposure in display advertising, while allowing ample  space for a company profile and  mission statement, a showcase of products and information regarding a particular event or launch.
An advertorial can comprise a minimum of two to a maximum of four pages, tailored for your Company’s specific requirements. Maximum exposure is guaranteed through an extensive distribution network covering Europe, the USA and Canada in addition to a parallel pathway of market-oriented distribution to various agencies and organisations reaching entertainment industry professionals.

Advertorial Rates

Double-page 4-colour advertorial   € 2,200
Three-page 4-colour advertorial     € 3,800
Four-page 4-colour advertorial       € 4,800  

10%  (2 x)   15%  (3 x)   20%  (6 x)

Pull-out insert
In addition to booking ad space, we offer your business the option of inserting a corporate brochure or catalogue, either as a pull-out insert or cellophane-wrapped together with the magazine.
A cost-effective solution to showcase your business.  Rates for inserts vary according to weight and size.

Insert Rates
Standard Dimensions (A4)
Weight per unit up to 100g € 1,000 

Tabloid  Dimensions
Weight per unit up to 100g  € 1,500 

For inserts weighing over 100g contact:  with details of your requirements

To book ad space write to:  with details of your requirements. The service includes free graphic layout.
Text, photographic material, hypertext links and video content must be provided by the client.