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MATILDE DI SHABRAN (Melodramma giocoso by Giacomo Ferretti) direction by Mario Martone, scenography by Sergio Tramonti, lighting designer Pasquale Mari, painting by Salvano Santinelli, stagecraft by Delfini Group. Video production by SCSA.


The spiral staircase of  Matilde di Shabran was the brainwave of director Mario Martone, spurred by the need to find a spatial solution for the set. I was party to this right from the start, lobbing words, thoughts, ideas… in a kind of verbal ping pong as a prelude to the game at stake – Rossini’s opera:  “Let’s make it so… the singers don’t have the castle at their backs…not as a backdrop, nor as a standard piece of scenery, not even in the wings to the left or right…  Lets have it so… the castle is above their heads… above the stage at an eight-metre height… Let’s make it so the artists can ascend and descend in view of the audience from a spiral staircase positioned on a revolving platform…”

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