• CRISTIAN TARABORRELLI Creative and Stage Director

Daniel Bianco ESCENA DE LA PUREZA by Raúl Asenjo

“The theatre is a school of weeping and of laughter, a free forum, where men can question norms that are outmoded or mistaken and explain with living example the eternal norms of the human heart and human sentiment”.  (Federico García Lorca, from “Words on Theatre”)
I am convinced that to begin to talk of Daniel Bianco it is appropriate to cite these words that Federico García Lorca pronounced at a conference, one evening shortly before he was assassinated.
I often feel the impulse to commence with these lines the correspondence that I mail every day to those who, like me, are involved in the project that Bianco has just started as Director of Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.


Cristian Taraborrelli

Separating the role of stage designer from that of director in Cristian Taraborrelli’s body of work is not the best way to probe the aesthetics and the poetics of this creator. We are too used to thinking that stage design is an accessory, an add-on to a live show and in some cases a mere backdrop, simply décor. Well, that is not so, and probably never has been. But we don’t need to revisit Svoboda in order to comprehend just how much of an anchor, from a dramatical point of view, constitutes the work of an art director for the design of a production in its entirety, as well as being instrumental in rendering the deepest sense of a drama, to allow its beating heart to emerge.

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